Reverse The Aging Process

Age gracefully, restore your vitality and maintain a high quality of life without debilitating health problems. For me, it seemingly happened overnight. Lying in bed one morning I just felt different. The strained expression on my face as I tried to remember something I was supposed to do...was gone. I was thinking clearer...suddenly I found myself going down the list in my head of all the things I had to do that day. And you'll be able to do

Weight loss, Diet, and Common Sense Weight Management Tips

Some of us are born over weight and continue through out our lives with a weight management problem that we never seem to be able to overcome. Others start having weight problems at a relatively young age when they find they really like the taste of sweet, glucose and fat laden junk foods that always seem to make them feel good when they eat them. And still many of us find we can eat any foods we want and

About Cellulite, A Most Ugly and Un-Wanted Form of Body Fat!

If you think Cellulite only comes with age? Think Again! Plenty of relatively young Hollywood Stars are already showing unglamorous cottage cheese skin. Stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Victoria Beckham, Tori Spelling, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Nicloe Richie, and Mariah Carey, just to name a few. The worst part is that almost all women will get cellulite at some point in their lives. The biggest problem areas are the thighs, buttocks, tummies and backs of the arms. There are

About Carbohydrates, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

Why do we need to eat? Food gives the body the energy & fuel it needs to nourish the cells. What form of energy does your body use? Glucose. Which foods convert easily to glucose? Carbohydrates, because glucose is already a pure and simple carbohydrate, your body doesn't have to work hard to get energy from it. And like every thing else the easy way always seems better than the hard way. Obesity-related diseases -- "implicated" in 300,000 deaths

Walking Is The One Weight Loss and Weight Management Exercise, Everyone Can Do!

Walking Is Easy Exercise For Weight Loss, and It Works! It seems everyone wants to hear “take this diet pill and you will lose all the weight you want, as fast as you want, and with out changing any of you’re eating or lifestyle habits.” It also seems that no one wants to hear “take this Diet Pill and with daily exercise and eating smarter, with less fat and high carbohydrate foods plus smaller portions, you will lose the