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Dream_Shape GABA,


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Lose Weight While You Sleep and Benefit From The Amazing Anti-Aging Properties of Dream Shape!
Lose Weight While You Sleep naturally and safely the easy way with Dream Shape GABA.  Taking Dream Shape right before bedtime will help you sleep better and at the same time help metabolize the extra unwanted body fat.  Dream Shape gives you the fat burning edge when diet and exercise alone, are not getting the job done..

Dream Shape GABA is one of our best selling weight loss products.  As high as 95.4% of customers who try Dream Shape by In Shape re-order because they feel Dream Shape GABA is helpful to their body shaping and anti-aging goals!

Some Benefits Include:

(1) Lose Weight While you Sleep!

(2) Helps Stabilize Blood Pressure, And Improves Sleep Cycles!

(3) Amazing Anti-Aging Properties, Many People Taking Dream Shape Feel Rejuvenated!

(4) Highly Effective Analgesic For Arthritis And Lower Back Pain Relief!

(5) Lose Body Fat, Gain Lean Muscle!

(6) Noticeable Health Improvements To Skin And Hair!

Customers who purchased Dream Shape also frequently purchase Thin Stat which not only aids in fat loss but also greatly improves the anti-aging properties of Dream Shape GABA.

Customers who purchased Dream Shape frequently purchase Slimbuterol.  Many people taking GABA are concerned with fat loss and Slimbuterol is an excellent carb blocker and appetite suppressant and works fantastically along side Dream Shape for fat loss.  See... Dream Shape Combos!

  Of the many  fat loss products I have been associated with, I feel that Dream Shape GABA is #1.  In fact, I call it the best kept secret for fat loss. Consistent with this, Dream Shape GABA is also the most re-ordered product by people.  Over 95% of the people who take Dream Shape "Lose Weight While You Sleep" natural weight loss product for the first time, come back to repurchase the product.   Chuck Stebbins

What does Dream Shape GABA do?

In addition to its positive effect on the nervous system, medical studies have proven the GABA in Dream Shape to have many other important positive effects on the body following supplementation. First, GABA naturally stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to secrete higher levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and as a result, has many powerful anti-aging properties. Second, studies have shown GABA to improve sleep cycles leading to more restful sleeping and more interesting, vivid dreaming. Third, GABA has shown powerful stabilizing effects on blood pressure. Finally, research has demonstrated Dream Shape GABA to be a very effective analgesic, eliminating pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis and lower back pain.

Dream Shape "Lose Weight While You Sleep" GABA'S most startling effect is in body fat loss and lean tissue gain for an easy way to lose weight.  How does it work?

Modern advances in medical research have uncovered a number of previously unknown facts concerning fat storage and energy utilization by the body. Recent studies have found that higher levels of circulating Human Growth Hormone (HGH) are associated with less body fat to better lean tissue stored fat ratio. Additionally, naturally elevating the levels of HGH led to a significant decrease in fat storage and greater feelings of energy and vigor. HGH is a hormone that is widely known for its powerful anabolic (muscle building) effects as well as its lipotropic (breakdown and utilization of body fat) effects. Dream Shape GABA naturally stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to secrete higher levels of HGH. The overall result of these effects is an increase in lean tissue mass and a decrease in body fat. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is produced, stored and secreted by the pituitary gland located at the base of the brain. As you advance in age, HGH is able to continue to be made and stored by the brain, however, it's level of secretion (release into the bloodstream) falls way off. This lack of circulating HGH is the factor that scientists now believe is responsible for the tendency of older individuals to have increased difficulty losing body fat. Dream Shape GABA signals the pituitary to naturally release HGH. Studies have shown that 90 minutes following Dream Shape GABA supplementation, HGH levels increase over five times the previous levels.

Are there any negative side effects to Dream Shape?

There are no negative side effects possible with the use of Dream Shape "Lose Weight While You Sleep" GABA, however, some beginning users report mild tingling about the face and neck as well as brief but noticeable change, in heart rate or breathing patterns. These effects are harmless and normally disappear within minutes.

When should Dream Shape be taken?

HGH is released within two hours of falling asleep so if Dream Shape GABA is being used to "Lose Weight While You Sleep" for natural weight loss, it should be taken on an empty stomach, immediately before bed. If Dream Shape GABA is being used for pain or any of it's other positive benefits it may be taken anytime throughout the day or night.

What is an effective dose of Dream Shape GABA?

Scientific research demonstrates that at least 2 grams of Dream Shape GABA should be taken per dose. Additionally, it has been found that 5 grams is more effective than 2 grams and that effectiveness tops out at 18 grams.

Warning!  Many GABA powders are not 100% pure. In fact, they may be "cut" as much as 9-1 with simple corn starch.  For maximum results make sure you use 100% pure In Shape "Dream Shape" GABA !

Customers Who Purchased Dream Shape frequently purchase... Thin Stat, Slimbuterol, Mood Food, and or Fat Sniper EF.
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In Shape Dream Shape GABA... 90 Caps per Bottle!

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 90 Capsules

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Dream Shape GABA

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To Increase Dream Shapes Weight Loss Success, Please View Dream Shape Combos!


What Customers Are Saying!

It worked for me...

 I tried using this about 6 months ago and am pleased with the results, I lost weight. I went down 2 sizes and I like the fact that after 30 days there is still enough Dream Shape left over until I need to reorder again. I did notice the momentary tingle the bottle mentions after taking it but I was fine after it passed and managed to sleep fine. I didn't notice any other side effects. I hope this helps anyone thinking about trying it.  Ms. V.  Fremont, CA.

Works like a DREAM!

This stuff is great! I didn't necessarily cut lbs off my body instantly, but I have lost weight... Still the benefits of this supplement extend far beyond weight loss. I have the energy I had when I was 15 without feeling like I just drank 8 cups of coffee or ingested a lot of speed - the energy is natural! No more jumpy-jitters like with ephedra! Also, since I started taking this stuff, I have to tell you, not only has my mood, sleep, and energy improved, but so has sex! It went from great to FAB-U-LOUS! Also, I've lost those fine lines that were starting to appear around my eyes. If you are looking for the PERFECT diet supplement, this is for you! This stuff is the secret fountain of youth - and NO SIDE AFFECTS!  Ann H.  NH.

More benefits than just weight loss.

I started taking it three months ago and I've been recommending this to my friends and family since. Here's what I have noticed and what others have reported back to me: Increased Energy Levels: Everyone who's taken it has noticed an increase in their afternoon energy level. Better Sleep: I was an insomniac ( 2-5 hours of sleep a night). I haven't had that problem in three months. Others have reported the same effects on deeper and more relaxed sleep. The increase in energy levels could be due to better sleep. Weight loss:  I'm losing about 3 pounds a week. Two of my friends that take it have reported healthier skin. Pain Reduction: Due to a serious accident in my late teens I have arthritis. I was taking MSM for the pain, but I've been able to cut back on the amount I was taking due to the Dream Shape. Another friend that's taking it had severe foot pain from a chronic injury. She reported a noticeable reduction in the pain. Every one has a different chemical make up and what works for one person may not work for someone else.  Alicia K. IL.

Works exactly as described!

Wow, I am very satisfied, to say the least, with this product. I was skeptical at first, but am truly astounded by the results. Dream Shape has truly made a huge change in my quality of sleep, and I have seen unbelievable changes in my body within these first two weeks using the product. I can't believe how quick this works. Truly great stuff! Thanks!!  Sarah F. Gloversville, NY

Amazing Product!

This is an amazing product! The first thing I noticed was that it helped me sleep so much better. I had the first full night of sleep without waking up the first time I used this product. At first, I didn't notice any spectacular results, although I do work out regularly, so I had already assumed they would not be drastic. I did, however, notice that when I skipped several days of exercise, this product helped me maintain my muscle mass and overall body weight. I also saw muscles in my arms for the first time in my life! What a great product!! I am a repeat customer and I will definitely continue using this product.  Andrea, Hamilton, NJ

Once a skeptic...

I had to try it to believe it. I have tried so many products in the past that have promised a myriad of results. This one actually lives up to what the other reviews at this site have stated, as well as what it says on the bottle! In my first month taking this, I have experienced the majority of what the product states as "results"; better sleep, 100%, weight loss, not as much as I need to lose, but an average 3-5 pounds/wk is a great start and a lot more than I had expected. I don't contribute this to product alone, but it has improved my stamina while working out, allowing me to work out harder and longer than I used to do before taking Dream Shape. I have arthritis in both of my knees which I am more than happy to report I have been pain-free since the end of the first week of taking it! That alone has allowed me the ability to not only work out longer, but to finally experience a day of normal activity without one bit of joint pain.

 To have experienced even one part of what this product says it will do would have brought me back to this site to purchase it again. To have truly experienced ALL of what it says it will do has me not only re-ordering it, but telling everyone I know how fantastic it really is. As others have stated, I suffer depression as well which was partly due to the amount of pain I was in daily with arthritis, not able to really work out like one needs to to actually lose weight and from insomnia -- all at such a young age. I feel like a brand new person! Happy, energetic, rested and well on my way to losing the weight I have battled with for more than 9 years! Look out summer, here I come!!!  Lillian E. Rochester, NY


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