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When was The Ultra Breast System™ First Introduced?

Since June of 2000 our natural breast enlargement pill has been gaining popularity of women worldwide. The original formula began as an aid to teenage girls in puberty who were not showing normal breast development or have menstrual periods normal for their age. Soon thereafter, The Ultra Breast System™ became popular with older women. Today our unique system is the choice of women who want breast enlargement without surgery.


You need to understand that the aesthetic breast develops first in advance of the glandular breast. Early in adolescence, the brain secrets regular bursts of hormones, stimulating the body to produce fatty deposits in the breasts. This tissue called “adipose” is suspended in a gelatinous mold of connective fibers extending from the muscle of the chest to the underside of the breast skin. This connective tissue can stretch as much as needed to accommodate as much fat as the body inserts between its fibers. It is this connective tissue that gives your breast their bounce.

The female breast is mainly comprised of fatty tissue held together by stretchable connective tissue. Every woman has approximately equal numbers of mammary glands. The Ultra Breast System™ stimulates your body so that it releases hormones. This causes an accumulation of fatty breast tissue.

However, this approach to breast augmentation and enhancement does NOT cause a gain in general body weight.  Please note: For your body to absorb The Ultra Breast System™ capsules you must take your capsules with food.


Yes! Here are a few points to help you understand:

(1) Our progesterone based glandular product is naturally formulated to be completely safe.

(2) Progesterone is the primary forerunner in the biosynthesis of adrenal corticosteroids. Adequate amounts of progesterone are necessary to prevent alternate pathways such as development of masculine producing side effects or the diminished capacity to handle physical or emotional stress. So a progesterone base is a good thing!

Progesterone is key to promoting an enhanced feeling of emotional well being and psychological self-efficiency.

(3) Non-progesterone based breast augmentation products such as those with an estrogen-base may cause temporary enhancement as many women discover when using birth control pills. However, a permanent increase in breast size is only possible through increasing the amount of fat stored in your breasts.

(4) If you are menopausal or post-menopausal with clinical signs of hypothyroidism, such as fatigue, lack of energy, intolerance to cold, are actually suffering from estrogen dominance and will benefit from the supplementation with natural progesterone formulated into The Ultra Breast System™.

(5) Common among women who are menopausal and post-menopausal is thinning and wrinkled skin, a sign of lack of hydration in the skin and hormone depletion.

(6) Most of the synthetic progesterone and estrogen pills increase intracellular sodium and water uptake, which can increase symptoms of hypertension. Natural progesterone, however, is a diuretic and prevents the cell’s uptake of sodium and water, thus preventing hypertension.

(7) Natural progesterone stabilizes homeostatic control of glucose levels, whereas estrogen impairs it. Natural progesterone can also be beneficial to individuals with diabetes and those with reactive hypoglycemia.

(8) Progesterone serves an important role in keeping brain cells healthy and is essential in promoting healthy development of the myelin sheath, which protects nerve cells.

(9) Progesterone can increase your sex drive and enhance the libido.
(Source: Dr. John R. Lee, M.D., Slowing the Aging Process with Natural Progesterone, BLL Publishing, CA, USA, 1994, p. 14)


"Natural progesterone is not known to have any side effects; nor have any toxic levels been found to date. Natural progesterone increases libido, prevents cancer of the womb, protects against fibrocystic breast disease, helps protect against breast cancer, maintains the uterus lining, hydrates and oxygenates the skin, reverses facial hair growth and hair thinning, acts as a natural diuretic, helps eliminate depression and increase a sense of well being, encourages fat burning and the use of stored energy, normalizes blood clotting, and is a precursor to other important stress and sex hormones. Even the two most prevalent menopausal symptoms - hot flushes and vaginal dryness - quickly disappear with applications of natural progesterone."
(Source: Hormone Heresy by Sherrill Sellman)

Will I need to continue breast augmentation maintenance?

Absolutely not! After you have achieved your ultimate breast size just stop taking our product and start enjoying your new physical beauty!

Will thelict with my birth control pills or Depo Provera shots?

No! But we do recommend that you consult your physician if you have any concerns or questions in this regard.

Why is woman’s breast so different in size?

During puberty the body releases a hormone that causes fat to accumulate in your breasts. Androgens, such as testosterone, can inhibit breast adiposity, or fatty tissue-build up. Lower levels of Androgens combined with a percentage of body fat contribute to women having larger breasts. Some women have this hormone for a short time. Others simply can’t produce enough of the hormone. And, many very thin women have no body fat for their breasts to store. Breast development varies considerably from woman to woman. Breast functioning has nothing to do with breast size. In addition, thyroid hormones, stress hormones, insulin, growth hormones, and sex hormones all play a part in monogenesis.

Do the

At any given time there are thousands of women enjoying the benefits of The Ultra Breast System™. Our success rate averages 95% or higher. In fact, during any 60 to 90 day period we rarely have more than one or two women who say The System has not yet worked for them. For some women breast enhancement occurs quickly while for others results take longer. The majority of women who use The Ultra Breast System™ tell us they see approximately one-cup size in growth in three months.

As we have stated, your breast development will be different than that of a friend’s or any other woman because of differences in hormones, insulin, and general health conditions. The Ultra Breast System™ works in concert with “your” body! There is no magical formula or pill or ingredient in breast enhancement. It is about taking your Ultra Breast capsules, following the plan, and maintaining an adequate, healthy diet that contains enough fat and protein. This combination, when followed over a period of six months will greatly enhance your chances of experiencing significant breast size.

Please note: If your body’s architecture is “endomorphic”, which means you are either tall, thin, or have low body fat, your progress will probably take a little longer. Studies show that genetic differences may make a difference. For example, breast augmentation and enhancement in Asian women may take longer on average while women of African descent may see dramatic results more quickly.

Attention Asian women!  Many of our Asian customers say they are seeing growth of 2 to 3 centimeters per month with Ultra Breast.

Is it possible for any woman to grow new breast tissue?

Actually, there is no such thing as growing “breast tissue.” Every woman has the same amount of mammary glands and connective tissue. Your breast size is impacted by the release of hormones. This causes your body to naturally store fat in the breast’s connective tissues.

Are the Ultra Breast Enhancement Pills suitable for everyone?

Women who have experienced a menstrual cycle for two years or more to those who are post-menopausal can safely use The Ultra Breast System™. In addition The System is highly effective for teenage girls. Also many Men are using Ultra Breast with great success.

If I have “post pregnancy breast” can The Ultra Breast System™ work for me?

Your breasts are comprised of connective tissue that helps to maintain the fatty breast tissue in a circular shape. When women have children and/or breast feed the upper area of the breast tends to flatten resulting in diminishing cleavage. The same holds true when a women loses a large amount of weight.

So, the answer is that The Ultra Breast System™ causes your body to release hormones that are needed to help your body store fat in your breasts they it did during your puberty. Typically, before you experience a re-increase in the size of your breasts, the connective tissue in your breasts will refill fatty deposits, resulting in restoration of roundness and firmness.

Is it safe to usth a weight loss or exercise program?

Yes, you can diet and exercise, however, we recommend you keep the exercise to moderate toning and weight lifting while using The Ultra Breast System™.

However, with that said, it is helpful to understand that natural progesterone in The Ultra Breast System™ helps you to metabolize fat from your body. While this is occurring hormones will continue to store fat in your breasts. For example, we know customers who have lost 20 pounds while still gaining one-cup size over a 5-month period. The System can also prevent breast shrinkage while you diet. So you can rest assured that your breasts will retain their size and even increase while you continue to lose body weight.

While on The Ultra Breast System™ will I be required to abstain from alcohol or caffeine?

While some breast pill companies make this requirement, we do not. Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics and cause your body to NOT RETAIN WATER WEIGHT. Water retention has no effect on the proper functioning of The Ultra Breast System™.

I gained 15 pounds while taking an herbal breast pill. Will this happen while on The Ultra Breast System™?

No, because The Ultra Breast System™ contains no plant estrogen, which is found in Herbal pills and causes water retention. Recent studies have shown that when plant estrogen, or Phytoestrogen, is consumed on a daily basis they block thyroid function and conversion of T4 and T3.

If I have breast implants, will The Ultra Breast System™ work for me?

Yes. Many of our customers have breast implants and use The Ultra Breast System™ to add a natural softness to their implants, which in no way interferes with the process of breast enhancement.

Where are The Ultra Breast System™ capsules made?

Our capsules are formulated manufactured in the United States in an FDA approved laboratory, and are FDA allowed. The Ultra Breast System™ adheres to all FDA standards and DSHEA labeling laws as set forth in the U.S.

The Ultra Breast System™ contains safe ingredients that are regularly inspected by USDA microbiologists and chemists.

How soon can I expect to feel growth in my breast size?

On average, our breast enhancement customers begin to see and feel results in the third to sixth month of directed use. And, while gradual growth over six months is the norm to achieve fuller, more luscious breasts, many women use the capsules for a year or more to increase breast size by 3 or 4-cup sizes permanently, with no maintenance necessary.

What is the daily-recommended dose o

We recommend you take one 515mg. Ultra Breast Pill, 3 times per day ALWAYS WITH FOOD. You do not need to take more.  Each bottle contains a one-month supply of 90 enhancer capsules. We recommend a three-month supply or more, depending on the size of your breasts when you begin the program and the size you desire to achieve. We also strongly recommend that you consume 50 to 99 grams of Whey Protein per day in shake form.  Designer Whey Protein is a good one and there are many others available on the Internet or at quality Health Food Stores.

  The Ultra Breast System™ contains the following ingredients per Capsule...
450 Mg. Bovine Ovary
50 Mg. Ipriflavone
15 Mg. Wild Yam Extract
Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate & Gelatin

What is the purpose of drinking a Good Whey Protein Shake?

Think of the protein shakes as a building block for the synthesis of new hormones. Proteins, formed by a chain of Amino Acids, are vital to all living organisms. Next to water, proteins account for the greatest portion of your body weight. A protein’s composition is determined by the amino acid links to form a specific protein. The only way protein can be obtained from a diet is if the protein is broken down into amino acids, making the amino acid the essential nutrients.

A Good Protein Shake like Designer Whey Protein is nutritious and will help guarantee the very best opportunity to increase your breast size in the most natural way using Ultra Breast Capsules.

Most women need to supplement their bodies during the breast enhancement process with these nutritious protein drinks. Our experience has demonstrated that the protein shakes are important to your overall success. So, please consider them part of the program in your quest to develop magnificently enhanced breasts.

Biological value is a measurement of how efficiently a particular protein source is used by the body. Whey protein floods the body with amino acids, which are the building blocks in creating hormones, skin, hair, muscles, organs and blood. A high protein diet is a healthy and effective method for controlling obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Will I see or feel anything different when taking These

Some women have reported tingling sensation or a feeling of fullness or itchiness as their breast skin begins to expand, somewhat reminiscent of when they were teenagers.

Will the size I gain in my breast be permanent?

Yes. With The Ultra Breast System™ the increase in your breast size is naturally permanent, much as it was when you breasts first blossomed during puberty.

Will I experience any side effects?

No! The Ultra Breast System™ is formulated from natural ingredients at an FDA approved manufacturer. It is a safe product and does not cause any known side effects. It does not adversely interact with any medications or birth control pills and doesn’t promote weight gain, or unwanted hair growth

Do not use breast enlargement pills if you are pregnant or nursing a baby. Please consult your physician.

Should I be concerned that takinill make me fat?

No, they wont make you fat. Absolutely not! The Ultra Breast System™ is formulated to increase your breast size only. Your overall body fat is increased by caloric intake. One gram of our product in The Ultra Breast System™ contains approximately 3.8 calories.

Will The Ultra Breast System™ work for non-biological females?

Our non-biological female customers say yes! They have indicated successful and permanent growth. Our success in this area has been astounding.

Breast Enhancement for Men!

I am a male and have been taking Ultra Breast for one full month now.  I was wondering what could be expected for men since there is no real reference on your site.  I just wish there was someone I could contact to ask questions.  I bought two months and expect to use them up and then buy more.  I would like to know if this will permanently shift my hormone levels to that of a female and if my rounding in the hips and buttocks as well as breast changes will be permanent.  Your product seems to be working and this is what I have to say regarding my experience so far.

Here is a bit of what I have been through over the month:
I had taken herbal supplements before to try to expand my breast growth but nothing ever worked for me...I found Ultra Breast on the web and decided to try it. 
They told me my body would do the changes itself while on the product whereas the herbals I had taken could not induce that.  Now I understand exactly what they meant by my body doing the work, I just did not expect it
so fast. I began using Ultra breast because I really wanted to have a more feminine figure.  I took the product and saw results after only two weeks.  I began at an A cup but it was due to my pectoral muscles and they had a wedge shape to them like most men.  After two weeks I measured at a 38B cup and my breasts were really soft but still a bit wedged. I now measure at 38 3/4 band and 39 3/4 over the nipple.  My areola has spread about 1/4 of an inch as well.

Some other changes I noticed over the past week.  My skin is so much softer now, even though I always had soft hands and skin it has become a bit softer than before.  My facial hair is not growing as fast.  I usually have a dark shadow after a full day of work but now the shadow is very light and the hair is not as coarse as before. Another thing that is impressing me is my head.  I have been seeing that my hair grows a bit faster in the areas where it was prominent and now seems to be growing back in the areas where I thought I was balding.  My hair is getting thicker and doing it faster. My nails are growing faster as well.  I had to have them cut down to almost nothing when I took the acrylics off and in just two days they have grown back to just past my fingertips. I like what Ultra breast has done for me.  I fully enjoy the fact that my hormone levels have shifted and the fact that my breasts itch and tingle at times makes me excited at what I am about to become.  I feel a bit more feminine and really enjoy wearing the bras that I have purchased.  I plan on purchasing different clothing in the coming months.  Thank-you for the change you have allowed in my life that only synthetic hormones could achieve before.





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